The essence of the chain try not to let the cat out of the bag

but on the chain update algorithm is still ongoing, bring a lot of trouble to do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people. A recent update algorithm is love Shanghai Scindapsus typical, is for illegal trading links. However, in fact, not many people can really go to the operation link, a large part of the webmaster or hope that the long-term development of the construction of the chain, seriously. But the strange thing is that some serious hair of the chain is actually honest Shanghai dragon love Shanghai will suffer punishment, how is this going? read more

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Bupu automotive portal management systems – Automotive portal systems – a network ofAfter joining th


The original

no way, before playing the customer service phone to consult, the other party actually said I called wrong, I politely asked a sentence, I dialed the phone number is where, the other side replied: "this is the social security center!!!

do stand also have a few years, has been on the site for advertising, in August this year, behind or see a webmaster to advertising the connection, go to register an account, then more than three months in a row for the four time payment have not received the money, recently and phone are not contact, this is the legend of the 733 media: www.733 read more

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