Collapse Ctrip channel monopoly tool to which net Festival hotel direct banner

according to the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo recently released data show that the "51" 3 days on average daily number of visitors to Expo Park designated 180 thousand passengers, 400 thousand passengers less than expected, but because of rainy weather, the number of visitors to the park in May 5th from the first day 146 thousand and 100 dropped to 78 thousand and 800." The World Expo tour number is lower than expected to make tourism website joint travel agencies have to discount promotions showmanship, a variety of activities to promote the tourism expo. However, the World Expo tour a series of promotions and did not bring the online hotel reservation price drops, although a variety of promotional activities through the tourism website to visit the Expo and travel around, in the air tickets, catering, hotel and other aspects will get certain concessions. But alone in the hotel reservation, the price is still high, this author also deep, more affordable Econo Hotel the usual extent raised the price, is often a week in advance booking hotel will appear cheap no reservations, embarrassing situation can get the price is not cheap.

even if there is no Expo, the Asian Games and other large-scale activities on weekdays, online booking hotel prices are not the lowest. Although it seems reasonable, it’s cheaper than booking hotels directly under the line, but this is not the lowest price a hotel can offer. Hotel reservation price is below the lower line of the reservation price plus pay like Ctrip, eLong these intermediary commission. For the hotel side, due to fierce market competition, most of the hotel prices not too high, but want to expand sales channels, must be actively involved in online booking, payment of the booking commission to each big travel website. The addition of Commission makes the profit of online booking hotel not too high. And for consumers, although online booking saves a lot of time, simplify the program to bring a lot of convenience, but also did not enjoy the lowest price, often in some large-scale activities during the holidays, but also the price faced problems. Now, a new type of B2B online hotel model will likely solve these problems.

hotel is different from traditional Ctrip online booking, the traditional hotel reservation model, the hotel needs to pay a certain amount of commission to middlemen. This means that seemingly low prices behind, in fact, consumers need to dig out a certain amount of "intermediary fees."". Relevant data show that at present, the success of each room booking Commission is usually 15% to 20% of the room price, indicating that the removal of commissions, hotel prices actually have a lot of room for decline. Not the hotel wants to increase prices, but through the price increase in order to earn enough to pay middlemen Commission, which also led to some hotels in the expansion of booking sales channels at the same time, profit micro-blog is also increasingly evident. And where to go recently launched the hotel’s special selling direct service (, just like Taobao and other B2B platform, on the network to provide a two side trading platform. Each hotel can display all its products and services directly to consumers, and negotiate with consumers directly until the consumption is completed. Where to go network marketing platform is not charged at the moment, not the middleman’s Commission