A webmaster should learn to manage his time

webmasters may have this kind of feeling, every day on the Internet for a long time, usually more than 10 hours, feeling not idle, but do something useful is indeed very small, the webmaster to learn time management, do more things in a short period of time, improve work efficiency, so you can also be very easy!

day online, is actually very tiring, what can be done, is occasionally chat a day, the breeze, sometimes print some good articles, and then watch a day lying in bed, if online time more than 6 hours a night, you don’t want to go, do not want to go on the group. At the same time, there are many calls during the day, a few minutes on the phone, and then a few minutes of thinking, so one hour and one call, half an hour has been wasted.

and QQ open, there will be information see, my QQ friends on how many people, groups of people can find me in the group, most of the QQ information I can not see, because I am a stranger shielding information, but the group too, too many people, there are always people the information in the group, so there are always a lot of information, the day is to see information and spend boring.

then I found a problem, is to meet the teacher, always love the Internet after 8 o’clock in the evening, until the early hours of the morning, he said the evening is the best time to do things, the day is not much dry live, a waste of time, but one night work is N times of the day.

so I sleep in the afternoon, the evening to write articles, the effect is really good, I will insist on sleeping after the afternoon meal now, get up at 9, and then began to write the article, until 4 in the morning to 8 in the morning to get up, and then look at the internet.

QQ is no longer open for most of the time, because there is nothing important, there is something important, we call to contact me, on the QQ is a waste of time.

this is a personal sum up through practice of the two laws, I hope to do the same network of friends to help a little bit:

one, online long, does not mean that the effective use of time on the long, as much as possible rest, and stay energetic for a few hours on it.

two, as far as possible don’t QQ, you can see some of the famous webmaster, they are not QQ, can put your email to you and others to write to you, are very solemn, and are very sincere.