BBS marketing webmaster friends must take me as an example

forum marketing is an indispensable means of website promotion just contact network marketing webmaster, I have been in the forum with marketing to promote Chinese project started at the auto parts network, which leads to many mistakes often fan my number is often a letter, tell you the following, hope that the webmaster in me learn some lesson.

I remember I was

Chinese directly reveal the identity of the first auto parts network engineering in my forum postings, transfer website information to the customer, and do a few links to improve the site’s exposure rate, the post just sent ten minutes to be deleted, and then send the results, the registration of the forum the account was closed.

asked a few friends, they said to the identity of the vest to publish the information, I registered a number of ID, a ID, and then take them, but also to Chinese engineering auto parts network identity hair, but I do not directly link, I described in detail

The main content of the

website is to increase the authenticity of the postings and to positively evaluate the benefits of the website to the customers. Then several other ID for a different identity to the top of your website, with the landlord said well, or pretend to do membership tone to issues related to consultation, the landlord can publish more information in web postings, which create a good reputation for false website.

I think this method is very good, but through my statistics show that the effect is not good, I think it is not a wrong? It is some of the details, here a little summary, welcome more friends advice, or by writing their own post experience.

1 and ID must be registered at intervals. Now most of the forum can see the user’s registration time. Therefore, many of the vest registration time, it is best to have a certain interval, so as not to be careful readers suspected.

2, used to do the landlord’s ID, registration time and posting time, preferably not too close.

3, ID’s name, it is best not to use too easy to remember, or have a strong symbolic letters or Chinese, or digital, in order to weaken the reader’s memory of this ID. In this way, in the top of other people’s paste, and say their own website when the good news, others are not easy to associate, it is not easy to cause suspicion. For example, I used the name is wwwcmc169com, a look at the site is a look at the Chinese auto parts network advertising.

4, be careful, don’t use the wrong vest status. Because many new Adsense on the operation of the forum is not familiar with, when change vest top own paste, or with different vest dialogue with each other, if you don’t pay attention to the user name conversion, will be from the palm of the mouth. Confused readers may see foggy, and if it is, one can see the support, this will also bring negative effects to our website. What do you do when you make a mistake? If the forum settings are editable, edit immediately, if not