Depth analysis of the use of soft web site produced by the specific effect


Advertising is everywhere

people in the society, the traditional media advertising is for people to hate, the information explosion of the Internet era seems to have changed the fate of people by marketing, but who knows just out of the frying pan into the fire, in the information asymmetry and the imbalance between supply and demand in the 1980s, people will never change is the fate of marketing. From the traditional hard advertising media to soft advertising in the network (i.e. soft soft Wen) seems likely to be accepted, and the soft bearing low cost, high efficiency, high cost of marketing has been features favor, so in the end, specific for marketers to bring what effect? Is the author of the current:

soft text for the site constantly flow

site traffic can be basically divided into search engines, outside the station links, advertising popups, direct web site, favorites, soft text promotion, site navigation. Among them, soft text because of its low cost and high efficiency, can be called the site representative traffic source, a high-quality soft text for the website brings the flow is amazing. The following is the related parameters from the Internet looking for friends: This is a February 2, 2010 article, the statistics of the time is March 3, 2010, only a month’s time in this article website to introduce 27153 hits, according to the authors of this article, stop now bring to the site traffic 200 thousand.


through the soft text for the construction of the chain

can be sure that as long as it is a webmaster must write too soft, in the webmaster, webmaster do the chain is very headache, but the soft can bring a lot of the chain for the website, and then increase the site to be search engines rank probability, Why not?. In order not to deviate from the core, so that the role of the soft paper is more persuasive, the author was in the article above were released in February 2010 on the site to see whether there are soft, in Baidu input "Silk Mask with the traditional mask quality assessment analysis can see 1550000 related web pages, we are more specific in Baidu" intitle: Silk Mask and the traditional mask quality assessment analysis more accurate query can be found 79 ", the following is related to parameters of the screenshots show:


through soft Wen to achieve brand shaping,

whether it is business or team, in the era of information network popular, shaping their own brands are a priority, but how to through the soft Wen is shaping the brand in Xi’an, the author thinks that can be achieved through the following steps:

1, write one or more high-quality soft text that contains core words of an enterprise or a team.

2, the soft Wen published to the flow of large web sites, such as A5, Chinaz, DoNews, etc..