SEO’s understanding serves others better than serves oneself

yesterday Saturday xianlaiwushi, specially two network friends together in contact. Man, still need to go out more, in order to long experience. Every day in the nest, do indeed full-time SEO wear off many of their morale, or even what new ideas, I am afraid that for a long time, I finally became a SEO machine, no direction, no more no fortune, lofty ideals and high aspirations, and eventually go.


conversation is my first teacher network super brother, 09 years from the Alibaba do when he started with me, then he turned to do, and I was doing well because of Ali, so stay to Ali, but after a half year, I also decided to start the real transformation, go on SEO road.

is another year and Xiaohan together SEO training Pei Tao, from the beginning of the 06 years engaged in the network, is also a chance encounter in the network, that everyone is a fellow, hit it off. The SEO in his eyes has become simple, because only the Internet is a tool, a means, not a rice bowl.

learned from the conversation that they are now basically not eating on the internet. I’m curious why I don’t use my strengths to maximize my interests. This business is not to be more successful? Indeed, this dream is good, but is simply not feasible, said they used the same tone: single from SEO point of view, it is each industry can get involved in, can be done in the limelight, because we got the points, control of the company’s sales channels, more easily access to customers than others, it is an advantage. However, if you are alone to shed the waters, that is certainly a smelly mud.

is now the Pei Tao, he is now open his own shoe: if you don’t know the product, do not know the product process, no core technology, no industry contacts, so to set foot in an industry is destined to fail. This is also a lot of SEOER can not break through the bottleneck of the place, most of the SEOER do better technology, will not want to start their own business. Instead, start doing SEO class services such as optimization services, SEO training, and so on. 10 years, Pei Tao is so, but his words let me wake up, I use such good technology to serve other people, why not serve yourself, the premise is to find a familiar and you like the industry began to do.

and super brother has completely transition, he is now regardless of the site, busy every day to see customers, pull orders. The website gives him hand in hand operation, he can teach hand skill, let them serve for oneself enterprise.

they’re absolutely right. SEOER who really wants to make a career has to go this way. Yes, they let me thinking a sublimation, let me start my sunshine Avenue plan. The true story of the Phoenix Town Phoenix Town Inn accommodation original preparation, starting Admin5, please keep the link, thank you.