Weibo free shop system officially released

Weibo network September 6th launch of free online system. Launched a free version of the online store system marks a new stage of development of the network the arrival of weibo. At the same time also shows that Weibo network have the ability to have the strength to do the best shop! Free shop system without any restrictions on merchandise management, order management, but on Weibo commercial version of the custom tag template, promotions and other functions to do some restrictions. Use the free version of the online shop system, you can own your own online store! Download the address:


The existing

commercial version of Weibo shop system includes the following versions: popular version II online mall system, online shopping system, Enterprise Edition Deluxe Single user online shopping mall system, imitation Taobao multi user online shopping mall, store version of the online store system, English version of the online store system. More perfect and mature program on Weibo shop system under the premise of Weibo also developed a book shop network system, clothing shop system sets industry shop system, to meet the needs of personalized online system in different industries.

shop system Weibo why so popular? Weibo shop system with ASP as the main development language, combined with the new technology of AJAX, the station generates static HTML pages, using MSSQL 2000 as a database, the system speed and page generation speed. In the overall function of the system, the overall integration of the mall, articles, supply and demand three major functional modules. In the management of commodities: more new products promotion program, such as commodity points change, buy goods, wholesale programs, promotional activities, gifts, coupons, etc.; commodity batch editing and batch upload. Custom tags and templates, custom columns, unlimited classification of the implementation of the system to enhance the scalability. In the functional settings, the system is more humane, operational and flexible, comprehensive online shopping services.


shop system what are the advantages? Are: 1, custom tag, templates, column free style transformation; 2, custom columns can be added, you need the mall column; 3, several sets of commercial promotions, including promotions, redeem, purchase, wholesale scheme, coupons; 4, property fittings, support the combination of different attributes of the same commodity parts; 5, commodity custom attributes of goods, and can join the order parameter; 6, extended classification applications, the same goods can be displayed on multiple classification. 7, product batch editing upload and bulk commodities; 8, revise the order, order, order to download print; 9, the full integration of Alipay, online banking, quick money, easy to pay, paypal and other international and domestic online payment interface; 10, the full integration of QQ, MSN, Taobao, Skype, want to trade through online chat interface; 11, the definition of advertising and advertising, advertising and advertising types, opening and closing; 12, the station generates static HTML pages for search and optimization; 13, language pack and currency.