The future of confusion or bright future talent to where the website

decreased from decline to the industry leader job performance, we are not difficult to see that the traditional recruitment industry is facing the throes of reform. The loss of user resources and the stagnation of their own businesses, the traditional network recruitment lost the momentum of the original development, not only the cold of the capital market, and even its profit model is widely criticized. In fact, as a special industry, talent recruitment website is not only a kind of information communication, is a mixture of many factors, network communication and intersection area, a lot of friends simply thought that as long as their business scope is smaller, the service level is more fine, so you can eliminate a lot of development limited in fact, this is only an ideal idea. Talent website industry has emerged in the development of retrogression, in addition to the demand for talent is not in alignment, there are many man-made reasons.

Chinese talent network should be no stranger to it?. From 2005 to 2012, 7 years of development can be used to describe the roller coaster, which have been brilliant had acquired the basic decline, no more than three reasons. First, high-level changes constantly, a business philosophy cannot be carried out all along, always because of personnel changes in the course of contacts and ran aground, lost the key period to seize the market, and the Chinese district leaders are foreign people as the implementation of the strategy has a lot of inconvenience; second, profit over a single, its advertising revenue accounted for more than 50% of the profit ability of the self, and in order to increase advertising revenue, make the website advertising center, everywhere sponsors "Daitoutie", seriously deviated from the original intention of development and attributes of talent recruitment website; third, the deviation of marketing and promotion of the network of excellence the slogan is "let the people who need to work to find a job, but this" network of excellence, did not think of is, in real life, if a person working for three years Or is more than five years, so he went to work, most cases rely on relationships rather than simply site recruitment, and the deviation of the positioning of the resulting network of excellence thankless, did not get enough market share, so the talents should focus on college students and the employment of not more than two years of time people only.

three main reasons causing eventually lose the king and was acquired at the same time, employees being laid off a hope. Then another industry giant qianchengwuyou and why the decline in performance? Or three reasons I want to contribute to this phenomenon, but this is precisely the three reasons for the development of the whole industry in the process of reflection.

industry development without core competitiveness, think that as long as the line of talent market model to move online can be successful, in fact, this is not correct. A talent recruitment industry needs not only the presentation of job resources, but also the need for a humane information expression. Now, the proliferation of talent website is obvious to all, we are doing a way to do a website, a profit to support. Even a tier two city such as Danyang, too