Valentine’s day of grassroots webmaster

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. How do these grassroots webmaster pass it?

first, I am also a website, a start is just resign, doing nothing confusion, a college students encounter when the Internet bubble, chatting when he suddenly fainted, the mind of a fever, and immediately bought the domain name, com, CN, are bought also, think about the future we earn money also left a snow machine ya, right hand on the waist in a Motorola, not the phs. You do so. I remember there was a sentence in the article: "on the network every day there are surprises, the network is a place where miracles", so every day I’ll stay in the cafe, perhaps is to meet this miracle.

I believe many grassroots Adsense, many technicians are the same as me, we are just before noon, the middle of the night did not sleep, in others eye, we like a madman, or can be used to describe a disease, because we and other people to play the game, also is often busy all night.

grassroots webmaster website optimization promotion network as well as the workers and so on, we are actually very painful, first of all, we belong to the lonely and empty, the average in front of the computer for 15 hours every day, I don’t know why I stay here, I could hardly find a like-minded people, want to know a good webmaster, is basically impossible, people are very busy, but is really very busy, and we find that he is generally hold with others to find a connection (for example, help what busy like, there will not be reasonable to you; we weren’t powerful. We also don’t want to go to an old, ask you some knew you n years ago, and many are available through Baidu find something you will be interested in you and will always answer? He’s talking passion? I think not . So in the final analysis, we are alone,


: I mentioned Baidu search site has done more than a month, cn not included, not included, com why not included to, but in the webmaster online I learned a lot of knowledge, should not be so ah, look at the station the day included webmaster online expert to do the heart that taste oh… The sea is gone.

personal webmaster made money on the Internet, there is more trouble, remember my friend told me just published a day to earn one thousand of the article, after a few hours, the hackers patronize, what data do, only in the past from scratch. Tell your parents, they do not know, only know that money should really tell us: my mom said to me: "son, the family still have money, do not do illegal things on the outside." the neighbor said: "this boy next door boast not scratch, good bad, than his father will blow don’t want to, and any person that my income, if someone asked me how I would have income, answer:" OK, can earn enough dinner." I don’t really want to ask such questions