How to make money throughout the year

each product business with the change of seasons, there will be a change of season, so as not to let investors throughout the year to earn a lot of money, which increases the loss, reduced income, so how to do throughout the year to earn money? Here Xiaobian to slowly give you analysis!

some store turnover, within a month, there will be regular ups and downs, for example at the beginning of the month Wang, at the end of the light. This phenomenon is not common, nor obvious. Is more obvious than it is in a week’s time, the store busy on the light is very serious, "5+2" mode is a kind of typical, divided into two aspects: one is from Monday to Friday, Saturday, Wang, light, such as in the centralized office area of commercial street; one is Monday Friday to Saturday, light, Wang, such as resorts around the outskirts of shops, school.

The characteristics of shopping season

in addition, "white and black" model is also very typical: many shops during the day, night light is flourishing; some day light night, wang. This is also the characteristics of the decision. When we choose, we must make a clear judgment on the type of shops. This shop every day of each period of turnover will show a certain regularity, can be drawn through the hour report of the day’s income curve. Under normal circumstances, white plus black model promotion is relatively weak. In this regard there are two solutions:

1. to reduce the business hours of labor expenses: for example, at night or in the morning flexible adjustment of business hours, reduce the number of business hours, reduce labor costs, as far as possible to meet the peak business hours.

2. in the light of the use of other commodities to peak, driving popularity. In the light of the operating time, the goods can be flashed Duitou, using propaganda campaign. The aim is to attract attention and store gathered popularity, keep the passenger, the focus on customer curiosity.

when you do business, whether also encountered such a dilemma? Xiao Bian now give you a recruit, the wealth of your career is helpful? In fact, as long as a good grasp, at any time is a great opportunity to get rich, so as to be able to more quickly help people realize the dream of getting rich!