Look after 80 girls how to play famous

some people seem to be naturally gifted than the ordinary people to be smart, we have met some people at the age of nine was admitted to a famous university, there are people at a young age assets million, in fact they are mortal, they only in certain aspects of the specialty is obvious and has, today to say is a woman writer, she is a celebrity in the meantime,


"80" beauty team "ah" the success of

the last century was born in 80s Sun Yan led a "80" team, founded aiyaya network technology company, in the animation industry to flex its muscles. She whileplaying successful entrepreneurial idea has attracted considerable sympathy among the peers.

in the flashd arena, "ah" is a big figure, compared to the real name Sun Yan, "these 3 words ah" component known as the network animation circle in the flash forest it is important, she is "flash Lin four kings", a female only. The Internet is fully deserve veteran flash beauty". She founded the personal website as the country’s best information website.

accidentally play out fame

1980 in September, Sun Yan was born in Shanghai, a worker family, a little naughty. In 1993, my father bought Sun Yan a 286 computer, so she learned to program early. In 1998, Sun Yan graduated from technical secondary school, first in a company to do marketing assistant, and later in a web site to work. In April 2000, Sun Yan in a friend’s house to see the flash, from the fans. Sun Yan had to work on the side, watching the English books, were removed from the two "flash" at the site. She has given himself an amazing name — "ah", the out of the ordinary name and her works from this memorable.

At the beginning of

2001, Sun Yan was taken over by Hongkong radio station as a multimedia designer. However, this enviable work, Sun Yan only a few months to do. She resigned after returning to Shanghai, began to build online multimedia teaching network, which is the first dedicated to teach you how to do flash website. Sun Yan is not only the site’s webmaster, art director, is the host, the reporter and dubbing…… This is a flash of the world, the most difficult is that others in the eyes of these flash, unknowingly learned something. Therefore, the registered members of the Sun Yan site quickly reached tens of thousands of people.


in "oops" fame is very influential, a friend took a fancy to Sun Yan invited her in a gilded signboard. Two people together to set up an animation company. Unexpectedly, not 1 years, made distinctions won in battle for the development of the company "oops" has been kicked out of a friend. < recommended