How to do a good job of body slimming chain propaganda

modern people to pursue the perfect figure, especially women, are afraid that they will get fat, so body slimming chain is a place frequented by women. Open a body slimming chain to pay attention to the publicity, the following we on the body slimming chain of the opening of the publicity made an analysis.

Slimming stores overseas leaflets wide net slimming agent shop business, assignment propaganda should be a common approach. Printing leaflets of the cost is not high, but a lot of posters is for people to hand up and then threw out in the street aimlessly, this distribution is of no use, according to the consumer groups targeted release, send a single object as far as possible to buy demand customer. Can be located in the main entrance of the shopping mall, shopping malls, shopping malls, shopping malls entrance side, square roadshow.

Slimming stores recruitment campaign by the media gather eye slimming agent new, all need to recruit staff positions. The dealer can also make full use of recruitment activities to plan new store promotion.

can be outside the store organization large open-air special recruitment, the recruitment needs by job title, salary, welfare and other qualifications, introduced into a eye-catching banners, then pull the slimming agent special recruitment banner. If the local allows, you can also play with sound to rally to attract the attention of the surrounding consumer groups to expand the impact.