s there any market prospect for brown coffee

food and beverage industry, which continues to develop at the same time many catering brand has a good development trend, and the coffee shop franchise industry also has been food for high-end line, by now working people and young business people of all ages. So what is the potential for joining the coffee?

according to the related data analysis to understand, Chinese the habit of drinking coffee is probably the last century after 90s only, changing with the development of society and the improvement of the economic level, now many people have the habit of drinking coffee, some workers are dependent on coffee, coffee provides power for the better work, and Chinese per capita consumption is increasing year by year, it is with great potential for development.

coffee shop from the relevant data analysis, the market penetration of young and middle-aged people to help stimulate the growth of potential consumer groups. Coffee as a unique taste of the beverage by young people love. According to the survey, the age of our country’s favorite degree of coffee is different, which said that the crowd is very like 41-50 years old accounted for 24%, 20-30 accounted for 18%.

take now the continuous improvement of the level of national income in China, the coffee shop to join the coffee that the existing macroeconomic factors are expected to drive the increase in the per capita consumption of coffee.

coffee products are not the traditional consumer necessities and preferences of the Chinese people, so coffee consumption and disposable income of residents have a significant positive correlation. Coffee is an alternative to tea is expected to enhance the per capita consumption of coffee. According to the Chengdu coffee shop to statistics, from 2007 to 2015, Chinese teahouse from 48842 to 50984, an increase of 4%; compared with the development of the teahouse is not Wang Wen, the number of the cafe China doubled – from 2015 to 2007 15898 in the past few years 39783. So you can see from the data of China’s coffee market potential unlimited.

coffee coffee shop to join the brand domain diligently, attention undertakings in coffee and coffee, ten years helped more than and 300 franchisees opened their own coffee shop. Open the prospect of unlimited potential for coffee shops, coffee shops to join the strength of the brand can help you successfully set up shop!