Teaching Consumerization

first_imgDo you remember how you learned to be creative? Some people think that Schools should teach free thinking, creativity and innovation, but this is almost impossible. There is a great TED speech I would encourage you to watch on this.So what does any of this have to do with consumerization? Well here is the key point, years ago we were able to tell an employee in detail what they could and could not do; now we have to teach principles and let them apply these to their day to day life. Not only do we have to trust our employees can follow these principles but do we even know what we are asking?Intel recently took on Will.i.am as creative director; He comes to us with a massive social media following which makes him a valuable resource to our company. We want our employees to help spread good messages and we value those that have strong social media followings. So what should we tell employees? Blog? Don’t Blog? This is just one example where we need to think differently about security policy.Alan Ross said “Users are the stewards of information” That means that we need to work out a way of employees making a choice about what they can and cannot communicate when they are on their own. Communicating too much or too little means the company is not tuned for performance. So we need to start working out how we can build policies on principles that we can enforce. But how can you enforce something you can’t measure, even if you knew what you wanted this would be hard.Many security professionals have made their careers by authoring very exact and defined security policies, now consumerization comes and the policy is invalid or worse still it’s not updated as a new “Common Practise” grips the company.We are beginning to see documents that have phrases like “avoided where possible” and backed up with greater employee training. We don’t know really where this is all going but companies have some really direct questions to consider.So will you train your staff or will YouTube do it for you? Are you looking at the next generation of workers and comprehending the idea that they may not know what email is? They may think that posting their most intimate experiences on facebook is normal behaviour and important messages are communicated as tweets because hiding it in a document is silly.Protecting data is going to change over the next few years, that’s not because of the technology it’s because people are different.If you enjoyed the first video here Sir Ken Robinson adds a bit more!Roblast_img