Putian Department of the hospital began to pay more attention to the rule of law to make money

countries have taken a series of measures in recent years on the health care reform and the marketization of health care. In such an environment, a number of private medical institutions in accordance with the trend of the development of the times, the transformation, the most typical of the Department of Putian hospital transformation.

According to the observation of

medical investment industry Shi Guomin, the recent 5-10 years, private medical institutions experienced reshuffle, many hospital department of Putian started the transition, there are many more advocate law-abiding Putian two generation of new money or Putian. He believes that the incident does not hinder the process of health care reform and health care market. Shi Guomin told reporters that if the health care reform and market-oriented path of time to put the medical market, there is a good opportunity for the development of private hospitals.

Beijing vice president Xia Xiuyu said at a good investment, "is not one-sided opinion, but this incident will accelerate the differentiation of private medical, also means the end of private medical barbaric growth era, but also the market a clear sky. But at the moment, the Alliance (China health industry development strategy alliance) should not sound, to be investigated group concluded."

21st Century Business Herald reporter interviewed three

21 who has been involved in, penned the Department of Putian hospital investment case senior investment professionals, understand their investment in the future of private hospitals, as well as social capital into the reform of public hospitals is what kind of attitude. The following is the interview record

billion venture capital Guo Haitao: social capital is still difficult to enter the public hospital

Guo Haitao believes that it is undeniable that in Chinese history, Putian Department of hospital because of the development of earlier, in some involving privacy industry, to earn some profits. But like other industries, the standardization of private hospitals have a process. Since 2000, many of the Department of Putian hospital, is not the original impression of the Department of Putian hospital, they do relatively standardized, in the field of maternal and child health has also formed its own competitiveness. For example, women and children, Angel and Marie maternity hospital.

because private capital is difficult to enter the restructuring of public hospitals, and private hospitals are not allowed to invest in Putian. "Wei Zexi incident" exposed the problem is the contradiction between the market mechanism and the development of the market. But the case can not represent the whole, the hospital should strengthen the management of private hospitals can not beat a stick.

because public hospitals or institutions, non-profit organizations, social capital into the difficult. The current restructuring of public hospitals into the capital is mostly insurance companies, there is a state-owned component. Because private capital to enter, there is no exit channel, or can only participate in a small link.

Guo Haitao analysis said that the current investment in PE chain more specialized medical institutions, such as ophthalmology, Department of Stomatology, obstetrics and Gynecology, etc., in the field of micro cosmetic recommend