Province Municipalities Working Together on Climate Change

first_img developing municipal climate change action plans identifying potential changes to regulations, legislation and policies to meet climate change targets information tools and model bylaws to help municipalities address climate change continuing the sustainability co-ordinator and greenhouse gas reducing projects a municipal Climate Change Leaders program to recognize municipalities that demonstrate leadership through early action on climate change The province and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities are working together to meet climate change goals. Sterling Belliveau, Minister of Environment, Ramona Jennex, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, and Warden Hines, president of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, signed a memorandum of understanding today, Nov. 6, to confirm the commitment of the province and municipalities to work together to meet the challenges and opportunities of climate change in Nova Scotia. “Climate change will have severe consequences around the world, including rising sea levels and more frequent extreme storms,” said Mr. Belliveau. “Our Climate Change Action Plan sets out actions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and to help our province prepare for climate change. Working with municipalities is an important part of that plan.” “Municipalities have a tremendous opportunity to develop renewable energy projects, increase energy efficiency, encourage conservation and help the province transition to a new sustainable economy.” The memorandum of understanding is a priority in Nova Scotia’s Climate Change Action Plan. It includes a commitment by the province to help municipalities develop municipal climate change action plans. “Nova Scotia is particularly susceptible to rising sea levels and extreme weather because most of our population lives along the coastline, and our infrastructure is located in vulnerable areas,” said Ms. Jennex. “Communities need to prepare for the expected challenges and opportunities, and to do that, they need to understand climate change.” The province and Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities will establish a joint committee to implement, monitor and move forward their commitments. “Municipalities have a significant contribution to make towards climate protection,” said Mr. Hines. “The union recognizes the importance of a co-ordinated effort to address the issue, as every municipality will be affected by changes in our climate.” Highlights of the 23 commitments made in the memorandum of understanding include: More information on Nova Scotia’s Climate Change Action Plan is available at .last_img