Change the business strategy to make the shop back


started every shop opened actually have their own business location, however, the development of the times led to the changes of the surrounding environment, if they are not able to formulate a new strategy based on market development, I am afraid it is difficult to let the store usher in better. From the shop to this year’s new year’s day, I have no brains to curry favor with customers, there is no business brains, business has been booming. This fire is mainly based on my shop is across from the park, the surrounding environment, there is a foot City Park underground, on the left is a residential area, on the right is the two national restaurant, three KTV and a billiards City, and I in this piece is the exclusive store.

national restaurant, foot bath city and KTV is generally at night, until two or three in the morning before work, which determines my passenger flow mainly in the evening. I open the door at 11 noon every day and go out at about two or three in the morning. In the eyes of those who do not know, I shop business is very cold, because the guests rarely during the day. However, in the evening is not the same, the national restaurant, KTV, foot city people coming and going, on the grade of cigarettes, drinks are indispensable to them.

at this time, my store was completely involved in the wave of consumer demand". The biggest feature of these customers is straightforward, generous, as long as they need, never ask the price, only convenient. The night is to seize the consumer groups, psychological needs, my management style is unique and easy, although the name "Hui" shop, actually to be higher than other stores selling price. Do not have to pay more money, do not care about a few cents, how much to pay how much, neat…… Outsiders seem bleak business, I earn pours.

, however, from the beginning of this year’s new year’s business obviously did not have a thriving scene. At the beginning, I think it is because the new year is approaching, we are going to the supermarket to do a little bit special purchases for the Spring Festival, business is normal. Later, the foot of the city’s boss every day to buy instant noodles when I shop to eat, he complained to me that the store business is not good, the customer is very poor, I comfort him business is such a good and bad, have patience. Until one day, I looked at the foot of the city closed down, began to have their own store for the first time worried.

foot city closed down, less than 12 points in the evening, the national restaurant on the early closed the door, there is a KTV even with the store equipment to sell, billiards City also posted a transfer notice…… In the middle of the night, in addition to the spark in my shop, it was almost dark. I am not willing to, is still the same as before until two or three a.m. was closed, but did not have any effect, desperate step by step approach: the first time I feel what is keep going by painstaking effort.

think about the day before listening to music is to drink tea, leisurely waiting for a large number of guests at the beginning of the evening, and sometimes busy will be tired temper…… Look now, the warehouse goods are covered with a layer of dust, scattered customers.