Apple to sell Mac OS X Lion via Mac App Store

first_imgIt appears that the newest update to Apple’s OS X operating system, 10.7 Lion, will make itself available in a brand new way when it’s released this summer. Normally, you would have to drive down to your local Apple store and purchase the boxed software, but with the Lion release, you’ll be able to simply click and download it from Apple’s Mac App Store.The Mac App Store opened in early January of this year, and in February, Apple launched a developer preview of the new OS which was accessible via App Store. So, it only makes sense that the full version be made available the same way. According to AppleInsider, the App Store, which is available to users with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, will be one of the ways to get the upgrade.The days of having to buy boxed retail software may soon be over as Apple is shifting towards selling more and more software through the App Store. iTunes launched and become a huge success, which added to the decline of physical CD sales. Some took this to be positive, since it meant cutting costs on manufacturing and shipping CDs, and it made buying music extremely easy. Apple is taking this same strategy with its software sales. We recently wrote that the newest version of Final Cut, Final Cut Pro X, would be offered through the App Store, and it makes sense for Apple to do so with their OS upgrades as well.It’s still too early in the App Store’s life for Apple to offer the update in a digital-only form. There are still many customers who don’t have a fast enough connection to download the file, or that aren’t up to date with Snow Leopard. Plus, there are still people who just want a physical copy. So, Apple will continue to sell the boxed software in its retail stores.The ability to buy Lion through the App Store is good news for MacBook Air owners, since the machine doesn’t have an optical drive built in. Apple could use the digital-sale method as a way to eventually eliminate optical drives from more of its machines, although we don’t think that will be happening any time soon.From Apple’s perspective, this selling strategy will definitely save the company a good amount of money since it will drastically cut shipping and manufacturing costs. The retail stores will have more room to accessories for its iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Of course, Apple’s network will need to be ready for the slew of traffic and downloads it will receive on its end the day the product is made available in the App Store.From what we know about OS X 10.7, we’re excited about AirDrop, which is a super easy way to wirelessly copy files between Macs; Versions, which automatically saves consecutive versions of your document as you work on it, and also lets you browse, edit, and go back to your versions; and the fact that apps will be able to start back up in the same state they were in when you reopen your computer.Lion is due to be released this summer, and the exact dates will most likely be announced during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif. starting on June 6.via AppleInsiderlast_img