Google Maps Play Your World game hits Google in February

first_imgThe Google Maps team is showing that its application can be used for much more than just getting directions or seeing satellite views of the Earth. Pictured above is a screen grab from an official video that shows a new game based on Maps coming to Google+ this February. The action depicted in the teaser video below has Maps showing off the potential of WebGL, by making data from Maps into a four-sided balance-ball game reminiscent of the classic “teeter” you may have played as a child.Inspired by a separate Google Maps video depicting two actors manipulating a real-life 3D version of the cubic teeter board, the Maps team wanted to give you the opportunity to put “hands” on your favorite Maps region and have fun guiding a ball around a virtual playground. As mentioned above, the Google Maps game takes advantage of WebGL, a software library that works with JavaScript to create interactive 3D environments right inside your browser. Using the GPU in your PC, tablet, or phone, content created with WebGL can take advantage of cloud based storage rather than having you install a large program to make things run properly. Add in the fact that JavaScript works across most browsers and you get a standard that presents good flexibility for developers.Google has not announced exactly when in February users will be able to play the game, but hopefully it will be soon. You can watch both the game demo video and its real-life 3D model inspiration video below.last_img