Incredible Gangnam Style flip book stripped of sound on YouTube

first_imgPsy’s Gangnam Style video on YouTube has now received over 1.25 billion views making it the most watched video ever on the service. The song is wildly popular, and inevitably has led to the creation of many fan videos. My favorite of which until now has to be the Waveya Korean dance team.A new Gangnam Style video appeared this month, though, and it’s such a labor-intensive piece of work it deserves the millions of views it will inevitably get (if it manages to stay online long enough). It’s the work of YouTube poster etoilec1, and it takes the form of a hand drawn flip book for the entire song.The problem is, Google has seen fit to strip the video of its sound so you can’t hear the song playing. This is typically done when a copyright complaint is lodged, but in this case it’s a real shame as etoilec1 has put in an incredible amount of effort to create this fan video.So, the best way to watch the flip book is to play two videos at one–the flip book video and Psy’s original music video. I’ve included both below so you can do just that and really appreciate the work that has gone into this. Hopefully Psy will see it too and ask YouTube to re-enable the sound. Gangnam Style isn’t etoilec1’s first flip book, and it certainly won’t be his last. He’s also a big fan of Dragon Ball Z, as you can see from the flip book video below that has managed to keep its sound.via BoingBoinglast_img