GTA Online content creation tool found hidden in game files

first_imgRockstar has promised that one of the features they plan to add to Grand Theft Auto Online is the ability for users to create new content. It’s not available yet, but the tool set to be offered to players is already quite far along in development and has been found hidden in the game files.The user who discovered the content creator tool has posted several short videos of it being used, a couple of which can be viewed below.There’s four videos in total, which can all be viewed on the LiveUnknownHacks YouTube account. It’s clearly a work in progress build being played, but does give us a good idea of how Rockstar intends to handle content creation using a controller.It seems most options will be listed on a drop-down-style selector, but that placing certain objects like spawn points and items is encouraged to be done while walking around the play area you created.There are a couple of options for gameplay types: deathmatch and race creation. You can then specify details about each such as a title, description, representative photo, time of day, etc. Then there’s the creation options including trigger placement, cameras, checkpoints, spawn points, weapons, vehicles, props, stunt jumps, and even a random option that can be applied to things like spawn points. That should help spice the action up a bit in deathmatch.Apparently, the content creator tool is regularly being updated in the background as Rockstar get it ready for release. Unless they somehow block access to the files, it seems likely we’ll get a lot more of these preview videos appearing before everyone gets to play with the final creation tool.last_img