Travelports Merchandising Platform makes life easier for travel

first_imgSource = ETB News: Tom Neale Travelport’s new Merchandising Platform was demonstrated at the Centre for Aviation conference in Sydney yesterday.The Rich Content and Branding component of the platform allows agents to easily access information about fares and ancillaries  from the airlines who directly upload content and agents can view pricing by class and by upgrades if available.It also is completely customisable for airlines, so they can use the Travelport system and upload their own booking content using API or APTCO or use their own system and change the way their uploaded content is presented.Travelport head of global supplier strategy Ian Heywood said that the Travelport Merchandising Platform helps makes the process of selling ancillaries easier for agents.“We always say a ‘suitcase is not a suitcase’ these days, there are different sizes and everything and our worldwide platforms help agents these differences in ancillaries” Mr Heywood told ETB News.“Another comparison is that a person could be flying into this part of the world and then flying to the UK and then flying EasyJet and the travel agent does not know about EasyJet, with our system, they get to know the ancillaries, updated pricing and deals.”Mr Heywood said that there are three component parts to the Travelport Merchandising Platform – Travelport Aggregated Shopping, which groups all fares and ancillaries for destinations on one screen; Travelport Ancillary Services which gives agents the opportunity to sell pre-allocated, seatings, meals and bags within their existing workflows and Travelport Rich Content and Branding, which allows airlines to market their services more effectively through customisation of display and content.One of the most exciting features for agents and airlines is the ability to use Rich Content and Branding to provide customised advertising to different customers.Both Travelport Aggregated Shopping and Travelport Ancillary Services are currently available to travel agents using Travelport Smartpoint agency desktops. Rich Content and Branding is currently in alpha testing (though already more than 50 airlines have already signed up to the technology) and will be launched later this year on Smartpoint.last_img