The whole business management service

is now almost all kinds of commodity market prices have been transparent, coupled with the huge number of shops, resulting in where customers can shop. And if you want to make their own shop highlights, the service will be very important. In short, the magic weapon to do business is nothing more than cheap commodity goods, honest and trustworthy owner, warm and thoughtful service. The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, most of the operators can do it, it is difficult in the service, there is no limit to the service, as long as willing to work hard in the service, will get the same effect.

In order to improve the

service shop owned special truck, where the customer in the shop shopping more or carry heavy goods, the shop will be free door-to-door. Remember the day before yesterday, the store more customers, the author is busy, and came in a customer, said to buy fireworks and milk, he still has a few companions, and so they come together to buy. I nodded to the customer nodded him a little while, first, customers have to wait for his companions, two is the author would have been a bit busy.

, and so on, the author said hello to other customers, then smiled politely to the waiting customer said: "sorry, let you wait, you need that fireworks?" The customer got up and asked the price of the fireworks, then called to ask his partner, asked why not come. The original companion in the supermarket next to him, he was in the supermarket with the author, may be because the customer is a little older, his companions took the phone to the author of the supermarket to.

men and women for seven or eight people, all sorts of gossip asked all kinds of fireworks and the price of milk, but I love at this time in the store, or the author really is unable to resist sustain the blows. After asking the price, there is a tall man said, "can be a little discount, we together to buy a lot of it, if you don’t offer a point I went to the door of the supermarket to buy the supermarket owner, or my old classmate, his name is XXX, and is ready to go outside the shop." I know my own heart to the customer price is very favorable, the price is not higher than other supermarkets, the customer is deliberately bargain, good to take care of his old classmates business.

this time I thought that is not a supermarket family area, less than two of the people have style; the customer can directly call the next supermarket owner’s name, they can determine the relationship between students, an old acquaintance, one is the first dealing with strangers, I love people in the supermarket next time. In order to achieve business success, to come up with a magic weapon to attract customers.

so I took a good owner passionately said with a smile: "I have been to the price of the best, if you are in my shop to buy it, I am free to you and your purchase of goods to the destination, you see you.