6942 Woven throughout the evening were wonderful a

first_img6942 Woven throughout the evening were wonderful and diverse performances from Arcosanti residents Jonas Fister, Jane & Sara Tellini, Dillon Quibin and Colleen Connery. [photo of Jonas Fister, Dillon Quibin and Jane Tellini, by Colleen Connery, text by Kate Bemesderfer]Colleen Connery and Dillon Quibin[photo by Sue Kirsch] April 16, 2014Here are more photos of Saturday nights “CONNECT :: interactive musical dining experience” in the Arcosanti Cafe. Diners enjoyed everything from warm citrus olives to chilled pea soup to rosemary chicken to green tea flan …[photo of chef Ali Sadiqu and Lance Cope, by Sue Kirsch, text by Kate Bemesderfer]… a delectable feast prepared by our very own chef M. Ali Sadiqi with assistance from Charlie Wicker, Liam Walsh, Chihiro Saito, Lily Ericson, and Lance Cope.[photo of the kitchen crew, by Colleen Connery, text by Kate Bemesderfer] Also onstage were the talented students of Moon Valley High School’s performing arts program, who served the entire dinner and sang throughout the evening. [photo by Sue Kirsch, text by Kate Bemesderfer]The evening came to a close with remarks from Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein, who narrated the night with introductions to each act’s cuisine and accompaniment: “Take the memory of this place with you, and continue to imagine with us how to make our buildings, our cities, connect us, grow food; generate energy; think how they can recycle waste, how we can make them in a way that allows us to be together face-to-face, not just back to back. Let’s not make them dull, let’s make them support life, let’s make them extraordinary in the way they allow us to confront each other and the cosmos.”[photo by Colleen Connery, text by Kate Bemesderfer]last_img