E bag wash daily order breakthrough 100 thousand single is how to do

now, want to let an old brand regain Lai is not only the need of new, innovative. A 85 after the product manager to let an old brand of traditional laundry company, from the old bacon into small meat, why? This is the story of e bag wash. April 25, 2015, 1 and a half years on the line e bag wash daily orders to break through the single 100 thousand, equivalent to 1000-2000 laundry orders throughout the day.

10 million, not only on behalf of the Rongchang mobile Internet transformation in its effectiveness, but also indicates the future e wash bags may become a platform level products, CEO Lu Wenyong even for the planning and development goals: to reach 200 thousand years, next year and strive to exceed 1 million single.

The predecessor of

e wash bags is Rongchang laundry, which has a long history of 25 years of traditional enterprises, has experienced two transformations, e bags wash is the most thorough exploration of business transformation, not only to change the form of products, business model, and change the distribution of equity, organizational structure, remodeling the washing process and service price system. Efforts to build a new laundry service experience.

6 27 – 28, explosive goods will combat class, Internet innovation coach, new minimally invasive Institute founder wrong knife to powerful explosive case tutor men’s team, cobio · BOLONI chairman Cai Ming, China Science and technology founder Huang Wang, founder, carved sirloin God carved e bags wash CEO Lu Wenyong, composed of 300 a founder of the explosive goods association held a down to earth, it is inside the explosive open class.

this is Lu Wenyong speaking on a large class combat section in the detonation products:

e bag wash predecessor is Rongchang laundry, typically from traditional enterprise transformation to the mobile Internet products. In 2013, we believe that the mobile Internet outlet comes, then decided to venture out, found that family service can become the future of public product and platform, and washing industry gross profit is very high, the price system and service system for decades has not changed, and then chairman of Rongchang Zhang glory do e wash bags.

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