Crazy farmer Zhang Jun out red kiwi services

is rich in nutrition, and very delicious, is a lot of people are very fond of a fruit. However, despite the differences in the head, there are differences in taste, but basically no difference in shape. But the hero of this article, Zhang Junjun, but let the kiwi industry to achieve a breakthrough in the market to bring the kiwi.

9 months, the Jianghuai area, the heat just scattered, Zhang Junjun entered the busiest time of year to see the garden trees, daytime busy night care packaged sales, other affairs of the company, he quietly read a book; in addition, responsible for all-weather to accompany clients to chat with them to exchange ideas. Surprisingly, this is the kiwi fruit growers, is a surgeon origin, when health care division, trainers, real people; now promoted to fruit cultivation, "experts" and "learn tyrants".

Kiwi with Hefei thirty post production

"do not need to put together with apple, put in the refrigerator for 35 days, fresh fruit, soft fruit can be eaten fresh, taste very good." Zhang Junjun side of the package to the customer, he said. All the customers came to the base, Zhang Junjun will be so many say a few words, while inviting them to look at the ground, look at what kind of home to buy fruit from the environment, how to pick down.

his base more than and 230 acres, in the Luyang area of the rural road in the gang of thirty, and many fruit and vegetable enterprises along the main road set up different orchards located in the hinterland of the thirty Gang, the surrounding environment is very original. "A lot of customers can not find a place to come and have a way to remember." Zhang Junjun said to the township government as the starting point, to the north of three kilometers can be reached; if going south can be found in the side of the road, from the Chuhe canal. "Ready to set up a number of signs at the junction, so better to find."

grafted water carambola overcome drought problem

growth in Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places in the Hefei red kiwifruit, flowering fruiting, keep fresh, sweet taste, this is after many experts think that it is difficult to do.

Zhang Junjun in 2009 in Ningbo, a university student entrepreneurship base to see the red kiwi, three hundred acres of plantation, a profit of $10 million in four years, I would like to introduce Hefei."

to agriculture, biology, fruit and other experts to ask, they are not optimistic about the basic planting in Hefei, because of the lack of water in the Yangtze River Delta, drought, while the soil is alkaline, but Zhang Junjun still want to try. 2012, the seed landed in Hefei thirty gang; his base of more than and 230 acres. Drought in July 2013, so that kiwi dry dead 80%, I will not give up easily." So he began his own research, research methods of grafting, planting technology improvements.