Beijing real estate market is facing a new Shuffle

in Beijing, people will be shocked by its prices, high prices so many people just want to fall with Beijing became very difficult. Beijing real estate intermediary to become the hardest hit in this round of market regulation, the number of stores closed gradually increased. In the property market freeze, thorough investigation of the background of the market, the real estate agency, life and death is staged.

has always been engaged in the real estate brokerage industry brokers will do "word training", the so-called art refers to how to communicate with the seller and the buyer to facilitate housing transactions. Among them, it is very important on the one hand, when asked about the current situation of the market and the direction of the broker’s judgment, specifically, the volume and price of the description. In different markets, different buyers and sellers, brokers, there will be differences between words.

, however, the Beijing Business Daily reporter visited the market found that the recent real estate broker broker line began to become unified, that is, the volume and price down". Since 2016 "9· 30" after the introduction of the policy, second-hand housing market downturn, but after the Spring Festival this year to second-hand housing market back to temperature, during this period, either volume or price of the market, and the sale of brokers in the communication between the two sides will appear "steady decline in value, decline in value up in different situations.

why the market will form a volume and price Qi down this unified words, the interpretation of a number of regional intermediary store brokers are basically the same. On the one hand, since the introduction of the new deal in Beijing property market in March 17th, a series of policies followed, strict restrictions on the property market cooling effect is obvious. According to a large agency researchers said this week Beijing second-hand housing market turnover fell nearly 50%; with dropped by more than 40%; the price, price is expected to lower housing turnover began to become larger bargaining space. It can be said that after the new deal, the Beijing property market volume and price down pattern has begun to appear.

Beijing City real estate market will face a reshuffle, bring more support to the people, a lot of people want to buy a house, want to in the process of policy changes, to buy their own house. Beijing second-hand housing market in recent days, the phenomenon of closed shop began to attract more and more attention, which not only has been forced to shut down stores, there are more self closing intermediary stores.

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