13 joint action to combat nternet pornography

Beijing January 22 China Xinhua news website of the Ministry of public security, January 22nd, Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of education, Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of radio, press and publication administration, the State Council Information Office, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China "pornography working group office and other 13 ministries jointly held a teleconference meeting, the deployment of January 2008 to September to continue to carry out regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action in the country.

meeting pointed out that in 2007, the Ministry of Public Security jointly with the relevant departments in accordance with the law to combat Internet pornography special action is obvious, the majority of the people are very supportive and advocacy. In the meantime, cracked around Internet pornography and other 524 criminal cases, criminal detention of 868 people, and the online public security case 1609, the punishment of 1911 people; close, clean up domestic pornographic websites, web page 44 thousand, delete online pornographic information of more than 44; investigating the illegal operation of Internet service unit 8788, for the record site 199 thousand, on the 14 thousand without filing, approval of the site to stop access service. However, a "yellow" current source outside the Internet, there are soil, some criminals, not a large number of criminal gangs destroyed, remediation work is not in place, the network dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information and profit channels do not cut. Network pornographic and other harmful information, there are still some prominent problems, must maintain a high pressure situation crackdown and carry out regular clean-up remediation work.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments to further clarify responsibilities, strengthen leadership, responsible comrades personally in charge of responsible comrades to specific work, adhere to the "who is in charge who is responsible, who is responsible for approval, who is responsible for business who, who who is responsible for access to the key principle, the use of the Internet and mobile phone hit lots of dissemination of pornographic information, illegal profit, in launched overseas pornographic websites to domestic dissemination of information, the development of members, organizing online pornographic performances and online trick prostitute, and engage in online fraud, theft, gambling and sale of contraband such as crime. Focus on remediation of audio-visual programs, blogs, podcasts, online animation, peer-to-peer network and mobile phone website, as well as hosting and virtual space to provide places and channels for the online dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information; online payment platform, mobile phone charges and online advertising illegal profit channels; website published fraud, gambling and sales of contraband release of harmful information, illegal drug advertising, online advertising and STD prevention vulgar bad information; dissemination of audio-visual programs website without examination and approval of the television show, refused to fulfill the responsibility of Internet information service record and providing false registration information and other issues. To unify the organization, joint action, focus, focus on remediation, through special action, effectively cutting off Internet pornography dissemination and profit channels, which significantly purify the network environment, information and communication order was standardized, the Internet service unit social responsibility consciousness is higher.

meeting decided by the end of January