Mo Mo drunk driving strict regulation of traffic violations in Xining today

from February 20th to March 31st, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will focus on remediation of serious traffic violations dealt with according to law, motor vehicle speeding, overcrowding, drunk driving, fatigue driving and other serious traffic violations 4.

it is understood that the focus of the rectification of illegal vehicles traveling on the road passenger vehicles, trucks, taxis, motorcycles, etc., in particular, to strengthen the management of vehicles on the outskirts of the junction, county and township roads. Key sections of regulation for the surrounding mutual Road, Bayi Road and along the train station, bus station; South Gate Street and the Yangtze River Road; Kunlun Avenue Road to the mouth of the plant and road junction; victory road, 54 Avenue and Lake Road around the wholesale market; Bridge Street, Ning Road and the road to the West Huang highway exit port; Nanchuan Road, West Road and long road Nanchuan Zongzhai; Xichuan road to Huangshui waterways.

from the beginning of 20, three county four district of Xining city traffic police brigade will start a comprehensive traffic safety inspection service station, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron, will select the area to set up fixed and mobile check points, to carry out road inspection rojer. The traffic police department will conduct a serious investigation of speeding vehicles, speeding to below 50%, severely punished, for more than 50% of speeding, the driver of the motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked; thorough investigation of illegal traffic overloading, speeding more than 50% or more than 20% of overcrowding, in addition to the law to punish the driver, but also in conjunction with transportation, safety supervision and other departments and severely deal with enterprise and responsibility; the thorough investigation of drunk driving, drunk driving motor vehicle drivers shall be subject to administrative detention; thorough investigation of fatigue driving, continuous driving more than 4 hours or 24 hours driving time more than 8 hours of driving, shall be forced to rest, and punished according to law; illegal behavior investigation motorcycle traffic, a comprehensive investigation of motorcycle Wupaiwuzheng, forcibly overtaking speeding and other illegal activities, and the implementation of strict penalties.