New year’s Eve warm heart package to send annual taste

Buy, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns…… With the New Year approaching, the city was filled with thick flavor, like a wave of happiness, taste through high streets and back lanes in the city, floating above the city, more on the way home……

with the monkey spring festival pace more and more close, my city street is just busy in silhouette, booming market let people feel the spring festival really want to come!

in flavor in search of the pulse of the times, the recording scene in the joy of walking, the Spring Festival is approaching, the Chinese new year to go grassroots teams "reporter traveled several road, go with the feelings of people of all ethnic groups in the city to celebrate the holiday, enjoy a happy life gratifying atmosphere; a look around the rich and colorful Spring Festival cultural activities, especially the unique folk culture activities.

easy fix for special purchases for the Spring Festival list

with the special purchases for the Spring Festival increasingly tight, the steel market supply and marketing is "flavor" full. The Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center, each filled with all kinds of fruit wholesale; Mo street market, operating households stalls all kinds of seafood, vegetable variety; the supermarket at the entrance, full of "monkey elements", "the supermarket, antithetical couplet lantern festive dress……

in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center, most people feel before the thick festive atmosphere. Citrus, apples, peanuts, melon seeds and fruits of different colors with a superb collection of beautiful things, each Wholesale Department, people smell the fragrance exudes the atmosphere of the new year, people buy special purchases for the Spring Festival on each face, streams of people busily coming and going, filled with a happy smile. Reporters learned that this year’s Spring Festival is still the main fruit of citrus, apples, pears, bananas and other fruits, of which the best sales of sugar orange.

was the North thinks is high-grade food seafood gradually into the homes of ordinary people, ordinary people can taste the delicious seafood from time to time. In the Mo street market,;