Good harmonious and beautiful scenery China spring a riot of colour


" great sage to visit the healthy, comfortable and happy new year." The elegant hall of the people, the clean small courtyard of the farmer, the shepherd’s warm tent…… This new year’s Eve, reluctant to sleep at night, smile, singing, blessing, and the fragrance of the dinner on New Year’s Eve glycol, highland barley wine, the years, fatigue, frustrations and vicissitudes of life, lead to happiness, such as fireworks, like fireworks.

regardless of the body, or the soul, the home is always a wanderer. The parents took arms to give them a stable support, holding the child’s face to give them a sweet kiss…… Whether old, or "light head Festival", thousands of species of family together, let the new year’s Eve, and this year, this year, adding more memory, more happiness, more expectations.

"spring garden does not close, Sanjiang’s good news to". Count just past 2015, 365 days happy event again and again, how not to let a person remember? This year, in the face of difficulties and challenges after another, Qinghai seize the opportunity to calmly respond to help improve people’s livelihood, the people’s happiness. New year’s Eve, full of affection and friendship, harvest and a warm smile, is the best interpretation of the 2015 last year; Spring Festival, full of recollection and reflection, filled with success and glory of the wine, is the best of the 2015 year of harvest footnote.

smile, showing the face of challenges, forge ahead. In the face of downtown pressure on the economy continued to increase, the challenge significantly increased the situation, the provincial government focus on steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, the economy maintained a rapid growth, accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure, economic and social development has shown a good momentum of steady progress, structure.

smile, revealing Duocuobingju, upstream. In the initiative to adapt to the new normal at the same time, the province have been completed and the construction of a number of large projects, new projects, the development momentum is growing; establish the concept of ecological protection first, ecological environmental protection effect; poverty alleviation efforts to increase the welfare of the people’s livelihood, continuous improvement.

wine, with Qinghai a group of commendable data: GDP reached 241 billion 700 million yuan, the growth of strategic emerging industries more than 20%, 326 billion 700 million yuan in fixed assets investment, GDP and industrial added value of energy consumption to achieve the "double down" people’s livelihood and well-being; continuous improvement, 62 thousand new jobs were created, over 10000 examination institutions 5369 new people, ecological management and protection of public positions, transfer of agricultural and pastoral areas of labor 1 million 180 thousand people. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 24542 yuan and $7933, an increase of 10% and 8.9%, respectively……

wine, with Qinghai a commendable thing: "13th Five-Year" planning proposal "131" General requirements, the first ecological construction legislation was born, "by Chinese source of Sanjiang national park system pilot program", "to carry out strict three real special education in the province, Bron, Lian Fuzhang into learning model, started in advance out of battle, no account of the" city "and" rural ", the last 39 thousand and 800;