Pay close attention to the people’s livelihood and build a harmonious sunshine hotline to hold large

the afternoon of October 21st, sponsored by the municipal government jiufengban, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Xining radio station hosted a "people’s livelihood harmony" hotline broadcast live program "sunshine hotline" in the central square held a large outdoor broadcast. The Municipal Public Security Bureau, traffic bureau, social insurance bureau, the city bus company, Xining power company and other six units and their subordinate functional departments in charge of people as guests and the scene of the masses and the radio audience had a face-to-face communication with.
in the live event, come to consult the public in a continuous line, site guests on account transfer, re submit ID card, social security, health care policy, procedures and roads, transportation, public transportation IC card management, electricity, payment and other residents in many aspects of the exchange and answers, the site complaints received counseling more than 50 pieces, calls 38.
this outdoor live is "sunshine hotline" for the first time since the launch of go outside and the masses, face-to-face exchanges and communication, is a program in the form of breakthrough. Accept people’s advice, listen to their opinions and suggestions, so that the government and the mass communication channels more smoothly, supervise and coordinate the various government departments and units demands on people so fast to do, do fine, do attentively, for quality is obviously improved. Reflects the "for the state, for the masses to solve problems, promote the construction of" a principle of service. At the same time vigorously publicize the party and government policies and regulations. To make people aware of the party’s principles and policies, the situation of social development, the government’s policy agenda, and various government functions, play a real understanding of public opinion "display" and resolve social conflicts "regulator" role.
"sunshine hotline" program "in two years, the Xining municipal government jiufengban, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Xining radio station has always been to" hotline "for the position to further publicize the party’s line, principles and policies;" hotline "for the bridge, listening to the masses of government departments, industry and the unit of service, management, supervision, law enforcement in the opinions and suggestions; to" hotline "for the channel, seriously answer the people concerned about the employment, medical care, schooling, housing, security and relief road, land acquisition, production safety, strengthen agriculture and benefit agriculture policy implementation and other issues concerning people’s interests; to" hotline "to appeal platform, individual industries and departments to correct law enforcement is not strict, unfair way, chinakayao, style of drag unwholesome tendencies for Xining City, political, economic, social harmony and sound Make unremitting efforts to develop. Over the past two years, a total of more than 4200 people to receive calls (Times), the response rate reached more than 90%.