The development of rural tourism in Datong — a step that can not stop

early autumn weather and hot anomaly, and rain, but did not affect the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County at the foot of duolong kite ditch village draws tourists, visitors and laughter came as one falls, another rises far away, sometimes mixed with the kitchen pot with the sound of the collision, agricultural home owner is preparing family meals for visitors.

this is Dong Xia Zhen Village in Datong County duolong concentrated development farmhouse in a scene.

in recent years, such as the duolong village farmhouse in Datong County of rapid development, the number of tourists and tourism revenue increased year by year. According to statistics, the first half of 2013, Datong County rural tourism income reached 150 million 990 thousand yuan, accounting for 60.4% of the county’s tourism revenue, which not only has injected vigor and vitality for Datong county economy and increase the income of local farmers and herdsmen.

Datong County has a good natural ecology, picturesque scenery, verdant trees, the forest coverage rate of 38.1%, the province’s ecological environment is the best County, the county popular outdoor dining and entertainment projects to date from the beginning of 1998, early in the Datong botanical garden, Dongxia forest, such as experimental forest area founded Entertainment Park, 2007 in the forest focus on the development of the Hui, Tu and Tibetan style garden, a pastoral family farmhouse, also built in the grassland, the positive development of rural tourism economy. In 2010, with the "Datong Tour" activities, driving, the number of tourists travel increased significantly, the rapid development of rural tourism has become a new way of transfer of employment of farmers and rural labor force employment. Up to now, the county farmhouse has reached 113, of which, four-star rural tourism reception point of 4, SamSung class 10. Various types of tourism (tea) park 50, self-help Camp Camp 30, tourism practitioners of 1109 people. At the same time to drive the rural tourism specialized in the tourism commodity production enterprises 5, employing 120 people; specializing in the production of shadow, embroidery, pottery, brass, sand pots, paper cutting, painting, carving and other individual peasant households operate more than 20 households, employing 50 people engaged in tourist souvenir sales; 4, employing 8 people. The main sales of tourism products, crafts, jewelry, souvenirs and native products, annual turnover of 500 thousand yuan. 16 vehicles in the form of a car rental services in and outside the province, the annual operating amount of more than 30 yuan.

2012, Datong County full use of Shennong nectarine, modern agricultural base, Fengyuan Huahao agricultural tourism base, flowers flower ecological leisure park, leisure park Braun special poultry breeding base to develop modern agriculture, leisure agriculture, organized by the characteristics of fruit and vegetable picking, make rural tourism and modern agriculture with perfect. These base seasons flowers, perennial landscape, visitors can feed "Fengyuan" strawberry, then "Shennong" nectarine, ornamental flowers gardening, feel comfortable in the garden, increase the county’s economic income at the same time, also increased the employment opportunities for farmers.

according to statistics, the first picking Festival has 3 bases to participate in the event, held a 7 day festival, attracting tourists to 54000 people, only the base of Nectarine sales strawberries of 2000 kg;