The eastern part of the old city officially opened the curtain

Chengdong district this year to continue to increase the intensity of shantytowns. Recently, Guangji road shantytowns project officially started, the province two family member courtyard inhabitable houses will be in three years to become the eastern gorgeous, high-quality residential, residents will be placed on the site.

it is understood that in order to allow residents to live satisfied house, the area this year, plans to start construction of affordable housing 13009 units, a total area of 1 million 108 thousand and 400 square meters, a total investment of about 3 billion 785 million yuan.

lives in Guangji Road, two family member courtyard of Liu Yunshan told reporters: "the old buildings built in the very long wall basically has fallen, the building is dilapidated, each rain sewer blocked, the area outside the road is very narrow, travel is very convenient. Families of the old city will greatly enhance the quality of the house, we will live more comfortable." It is understood that the Guangji road shantytowns project is a livelihood project this year east district for the tangible things, the project land area of 21 acres, demolition and renovation of families of the former Qinghai Province second construction company building 14 dilapidated buildings, involving 540 residents. After the reconstruction, will be in place to build 6 storey high-rise buildings, planning the construction area of 140000 square meters, greatly improved the local residents of the housing environment and the city back to the appearance of the city of.