Qinghai women’s prison was awarded the Xining civilized units

recently, the Xining Municipal Committee, the municipal government held a spiritual civilization construction and civilized unit named

recognition of the general assembly, the Qinghai provincial women’s prison was named Xining civilized unit.

Qinghai women’s prison in order to build a harmonious prison as the goal, in order to comprehensively improve the prison police, workers of the ideological and moral elements

quality as the focus, actively carry out activities to create spiritual civilization. In the creation of activities, the prison Party committee put the ideological construction on the

work in the first place, the patriotic education, legal publicity and education, to send warm love as a spiritual civilization

effective way to increase investment in manpower, material resources, financial resources, each year to carry out a variety of forms, rich in content

, healthy and upward cultural activities. Create a civilized, clean, beautiful, orderly working and living environment, and actively open

exhibition chuangxianzhengyou, create a civilized and harmonious prison prison activities, formed the work and the construction of spiritual civilization coordinated

development of a good situation.