Xining city to strengthen the administrative efficiency construction

in order to further promote the "three basic" construction, to further consolidate and expand the party’s mass line of educational practice, the East District held a working meeting, issued work plan and other measures, continue to promote changes in body style, improve administrative efficiency, promote the healthy and stable development of the region’s undertakings.

is the unity of thinking, strengthen organizational leadership, set up departments efficiency construction leading group, the units are set up appropriate working bodies, the formation of the Party (party) the working mechanism of unified leadership and government together, leading group guidance and coordination and departments duties, the whole society to participate in a wide range of. Pay attention to the supervision of the implementation of accountability, effectiveness, carry out regular and regular thorough investigation. Give full play to the discipline inspection, supervision, finance, audit and other departments within the party supervision, the level of supervision, the supervision of specialized organs, the role of public opinion supervision and social supervision, the formation of supervision. To verify the existence of the problem, strict accountability or serious treatment. The publicity, creating an atmosphere of public opinion, making full use of the Internet, billboards, briefings and other forms of publicity, create a good atmosphere for public opinion, the whole society to care, support, participation and supervision of administrative efficiency construction. And in a timely manner to promote the recognition of the effectiveness of the construction of the emergence of advanced models. Overall, pay attention to see the results – the construction of administrative efficiency is closely combined with the comprehensive deepening reform, to reform to boost the administrative efficiency improvement; close up and consolidate the party’s mass line educational practice combined with the results, to prevent the four winds problem rebound; together with the three three real strict special combination of education, strengthening the contingent of cadres the ideological and political education; create and spiritual civilization especially window units, the window industry to create activities closely together, achieve the overall strengthening of grassroots organizations, basic work progress, the basic ability to enhance, to achieve the "two promotion, two".