S management ability of our city to the seven years

for the realization of the Xining education system, strengthen the basic work of grassroots organizations, to enhance the overall progress of the basic ability, efforts to promote sustained and healthy development of education in Xining, in November 19th, the city held a strengthening the base construction to enhance the management ability of the mobilization of the general assembly, to enhance the ability to run a college work carried out comprehensive arrangements.
according to my city promulgated "to strengthen the" three basic "construction to enhance the governance capacity of the implementation plan" arrangement, I will start from now, according to the results, two years four years on the stage, seven years three steps. Two years to see the results of that by July 2016, two years to improve and strengthen the "three bases" promulgated a series of policies and measures, enact legislation to change the effect of a number of issues of base construction, the initial establishment of "strengthen security work system and mechanism of basic construction. Four years on the stage, to July 2018, with four years of time, the core leading role of small and medium school party organization to further play the basic work of Party Construction in Ideological and political education, and teaching as the center to further strengthen and promote the students’ basic ability of moral education of all-round development to further enhance the modern school management system initially built. Every seven years, to 2020, with seven years of time, in order to achieve the party organization as the core of the primary school organization strong, school management to achieve fine, scientific and standardized, the education system of governance and governance capacity modernization level is significantly enhanced.