Promote water ecological civilization construction exhibition Charm

June 25th afternoon, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun investigation of the city’s key projects, Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai, deputy mayor of the city of China, together with the trip to the city of China, on the other hand, the Secretary General of the Municipal Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary General of the CPC Central Committee, deputy mayor of the city of. Wang Jianjun stressed that the construction of the plateau landscape garden city, to establish a scientific concept of development, accelerate the transformation of water ecological civilization construction, development and utilization of water resources, improve the city environment quality, to show the charm of the city of plateau.

Wang Jianjun and his party have carried on the research on the project of the deep treatment of the urban sewage of the Nanjing Lake wetland, the first phase of the project of the water reuse, the comprehensive treatment of the Beichuan River and the urban drainage culvert. Under the site, into the workshop, look at the plan, listen to the report, every one, Wang Jianjun are in-depth site, and the builders are cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of the progress of the project. Beichuan River comprehensive management project 6 kilometers long, is the Xining river history so far the largest investment, the largest comprehensive water conservancy project, "plateau Shuicheng, summer garden, cultural corridor" for positioning, create a set of ecological protection, green space, leisure culture, tourism landscape, natural ecological environment restoration functions livable city, carrying the tourism, leisure and entertainment, commercial, business office, ecological residential recreational waterfront six leadingfunctions. Wang Jianjun after listening to the project report pointed out that according to the construction plan, construction plan, established the outstanding theme, highlighting the characteristics of scientific organization construction, strict quality control, to ensure the quality and timely completion of the project. Through the comprehensive treatment of the Beichuan River (core), to provide the general public with more and better leisure places, and effectively improve the living environment of the people.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the rule of governance strategy, water for the big political. Water is the Source of Life, the foundation of production and ecology, the most valuable is the city ecology and the environment, should be based on long-term, sustainable development, planning a high starting point, high standard construction, efficient management, high management level, water culture system by water conservancy and water ecological system, the construction of a beautiful and healthy safe and efficient with the system, scientific and strict management system, advanced water characteristics, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization water. To strengthen water pollution control, speed up the implementation of water pollution control projects, improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources. To adhere to the development and protection, pay attention to protect the original ecological surrounding mountains, trees, water, pay attention to the mutual coordination and integration, to further build the city in the mountains, the water in the city and the people in the landscape, ecological and cultural characteristics of the city.