40 days of serious traffic violations concentrated rectification action began

  May 15th, reporters from Xining city traffic police detachment was informed that the team has started a 40 day overload, speeding, overcrowding three serious traffic violations focused campaigns.

is understood by the traffic police detachment Li Mingjun for the special work group leader, deputy head of the political commissar Chen Xinping, has established the special rectification action has also started, the main action for three traffic violations. Truck overloading: cargo vehicles over the approved load, shall be punished in accordance with the law 500 yuan limit, for more than the approved load of 30%, shall be punished according to the law in accordance with the upper limit of 2000 yuan, and detained motor vehicles. Motor vehicle overspeed: over 50% of the speed limit, the driver’s driving license revoked. : bus overcrowding illegal traffic overcrowding more than 20%, in addition to punish the driver, but also in conjunction with transportation, safety supervision and other departments, according to the law of the enterprise and the responsible person seriously.