Which is the most beautiful building in Xining, you are the judges of the thirty thousand vote the m

new year, new year new dream. Sponsored by the Xining municipal government in the evening the most beautiful building activities out of the most popular new year market, since the December 27, 2012 launch of the first building, participating projects, four voting channel hot, as of 18 pm yesterday, the vote has exceeded 30 thousand times, writing the legendary Shangri-La Xining real estate market is way ahead, super jinzuo estate, chase catch up from behind. According to reports, the evening of the United States and the United States is still the most popular activities in the construction of the vote, welcomed the active participation of the majority of readers.

"this evaluation is very good, very timely, the building is a city of frozen music, Xining is building a boutique City, this assessment will certainly promote the development of Xining city." Xining plateau is the most livable city, through this selection can greatly promote the living environment in Xining, so that Xining more attractive." Evening the most beautiful building contest since the end of last year started, the sound of praise has been praised not only from these can be heard without end, the real estate sector, more from the ordinary people, the evening of the most beautiful buildings in the selection, causing the majority of citizens of Xining city great changes with last year has just moved into new homes Uncle Chen told reporters that the most beautiful evening the construction of Xining city contest is to change a review and check, see now more and more beautiful buildings in Xining, Daxinyanli Xining livable and beautiful proud.

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining municipal and Rural Construction Committee, the Xining Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news website the most beautiful building contest since the start, not only widely welcomed by the real estate business, but also by the province the attention of the masses, there are more than 60 real estate developers to enroll people recommended participating building up to more than and 100 (building), voted the masses more than 100 thousand people, including young people accounted for 40% of Haizhou county. In the selection, all the people think unanimously optimistic about the Shangri-La, Shangri-La led the Xining Real Estate Revolution, paradoxically, jinzuo estate in second catch up from behind, unexpectedly, the reporter learned that the golden estate rapid development in recent years, Sheng Jin, Kim jinzuo seat, Chengdu and other real estate sites "in bloom everywhere, especially in the Sea Lake District jinzuo Sheng Jin, show the plateau landscape charm, which is perhaps loved by the masses of the.

according to reports, the evening of the United States and the United States voted to continue the construction of the election, the majority of readers are welcome to continue to participate. (author: Zhang)