Xining police to carry out safe 2010 first special action

from the beginning of December 15th to the end of February 2010, Xining police to carry out peace 2010 No. 1 "and the winter social special action against regulation, to" two, NPC and CPPCC "to create a stable political environment and harmonious social environment and stable security environment.

it is understood that the current social security situation in Xining is stable overall, no serious impact events and major problems, but near the end of the year, some social security issues become more prominent, the main performance is: the high amount of criminal cases; usurpation of the crime is more serious, affecting people’s sense of security; the high incidence of motor vehicle theft cases the vehicle and pedestrian travel problems, by the majority of public attention.

for the further implementation of the Xining municipal government on the strengthening of the decision to deploy a series of safe construction and unblocked traffic engineering, efforts to solve outstanding problems this winter and spring of social security and traffic management, to safeguard the "two, NPC and CPPCC" during the Xining city social order remained stable, and further enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out in the social aspects of special action against regulation within the city.

the special rectification action to combat the "peace building" activities and smooth traffic engineering as the main line, through concentrate time and forces to crack down on outstanding criminal, remediation outstanding security problems, strengthen the social patrol control, strengthen road traffic and fire safety management, full police crackdown to prevent strict confidence and determination to further enhance the safety of public travel, and on road traffic satisfaction. The special action to crack down on criminal activities, Xining police will, and enhance the security of the people; the strict implementation of the preventive measures, effectively curb can prevent the occurrence of cases; take effective punishment means, reduce the incidence of vehicle theft and robbery; based on the "smooth traffic project", and strive to create a good traffic environment.