Build mobile studio in Hangzhou

likes to recite the people will encounter a welfare recently, today let Xiaobian Amway you. CCTV to set up mobile studio in Hangzhou. This small pavilion called "reading Pavilion", CCTV "the reader" column group set up the flow inside the studio, a recording and sound equipment simple, all open to the public.

on Saturday, hosted by the famous female cultural show "Qing Dong independently made the reader" in the CCTV broadcast, Pu Cunxin, Liu Chuanzhi, Miss World Zhang Zilin et al., to read the story sounds and their combination, giving the audience a spiritual baptism. After the first phase of the broadcast, "reader" watercress score as high as 9.3 points, has also become the "Chinese poetry conference", "see words such as face" and other programs, and a file show the charm of traditional Chinese culture program.

in addition to the CCTV studio celebrities read column group also bring you another surprise. From the middle of January, "reading Pavilion" to the ordinary people around, drift over Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities.

"reading Pavilion" looks a bit like a telephone booth, which has a recording device, camera, sound insulation effect is particularly good, as long as the reader can read the microphone.

"reader" program hopes to have more interaction with the audience, so we do not set the threshold, anyone can participate." Show location director line said, shut the door, which belongs to the speaker’s story began.

first came to "read Pavilion" is waiting for Ms. Chen, she saw "from the news reading Pavilion set up here, early in the morning came from Xiasha rushed to the qianjiang.

no matter who, can be read here, so that more people began to fall in love with reading, to provide a platform for people to practice reading. "The reader" is to re show the literature in front of everyone. Why is the Chinese poetry conference so popular? Because of these things we usually forget, CCTV provides the platform we obtained. "Reader" and we meet, let us feel more beautiful with each other.

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