Operating outside the hot pot to send business market

traditional hot pot is indeed a good business market, however, the market is now very competitive. Therefore, if you want to make the business more popular, naturally need to take more measures to operate. As for the hot pot market, outside the hot pot is a business innovation. So, operating outside the hot pot to send a business market?

in mid December 2010, a wave of super cold blowing hot Shenzhen Hot pot business, the Hot pot in front of the store often lined up in long queues. Do not want to line up, do not want to worry about stove? In January 10th, little sheep Hot pot delivery will launch Hot pot 17 stores in Shenzhen delivery service, and opened 400 hotline, consumers will enjoy a telephone at home Hot pot reeky.

In fact,

, business to send in the domestic part of the city Hot pot has been quite prosperous, but its mode of operation, business prospects and consumer acceptance has been controversial, even this little sheep catering giant, also held a small range of try to explore the attitude. After all, the hot pot in Shenzhen can send a new format?

hot pot door to solve the problem of

whether KFC and McDonald’s or Jiawang, Yonghe King and Chinese food chain, a small restaurant and arbitrary, delivery has become a standard service. Easy to send fast food, hot pot is a bit incredible. The restaurant is not finished because the distribution of cooked food, but frozen meat, fresh vegetables, and a stove, a pot of tableware, how to guarantee the quality of service under the premise, to the consumer before? This business is painstakingly.

"as long as the customer half an hour to book, we use 15 minutes to order, prepare tableware, packing, and then spend 15 minutes to the customer’s doorstep." Little sheep in the Southern China region marketing department related person in charge Xiao Huiyan said, Hot pot delivery is not simply to pull things to it, "we are ready for the electromagnetic oven, cooker bowl, spoon and all, as long as the customer can wait. After dinner, there are people to take all things, including garbage, etc.." At the same time, the "little sheep’s delivery, whether it is the bottom of the pot, and eat food or service are the same".

In fact,

, Hot pot solution to the headache problem outside the return of a catering industry — A. Since the beginning of winter, the Hot pot shop business is hot, a guest time is getting longer, some businesses in order to retain customers in the wind have style all their own, for example, the TV movie, placed at the door to provide free tea and so on. However, not every customer has enough patience and time to spend in the same position, the equivalent of a part of the consumer to shut the door. Xiao Huiyan said: can be sent to meet this part of the desire to eat hot pot, but do not want to wait for consumers."