Wenzhou University of science and technology park to accelerate the optimization of entrepreneurial

Wenzhou Ganpin Jin people admire, of course, their progress innovation is certainly not fall behind, the Zhejiang Wenzhou National University Science Park to accelerate the optimization of entrepreneurial innovation environment, to create a better platform for people to start a business.

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to optimize the business environment, improve business service soft power. The special meeting was founded in Wenzhou Innovative Research Institute, the dean of the school of Wang Youmei cultivate entrepreneurship and talents for the appointment of Wenzhou University Dean, hired Wenzhou East Holdings Limited chairman Jiang Mengyou and other professionals from various fields of social entrepreneurial mentor, providing business guidance for entrepreneurs; the introduction of venture capital institutions, and angel sinks, temperature hit capital Dora fund, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to provide financing services for entrepreneurs.

meeting of University Science and Technology Park released the seed money for the scale of 10 million yuan, the park incubating enterprises to solve the financing problem, in order to guide the private capital to invest in high-tech projects, support science and technology development Small and micro businesses.   good entrepreneurial environment, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, to bring entrepreneurs is more resource advantages, will help small and micro enterprises have a better development.



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