Do you have a market for hangers


racks in our lives is a very big use, however, in general can be bought in a variety of grocery stores, very few people will open a special clothes shop. So, if you start a business to have a market? Let Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple analysis.

a, market prospects

1. basic necessities of life "clothing" led by this clothing industry is a "industry. After joining WTO, the market is broader, the prospect is more optimistic. The clothes rack is produced with the clothing, and its prospect is optimistic.

2. people focus on the clothing, but ignore the humble hanger, relatively speaking, hanger industry became popular, competitiveness is small, it just as you wish, it would be easier.

3. do you have a market for hangers? In fact, the market is very large hangers. Like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Humen, Hongkong and other places of clothing factory, not only dense, and thousands of. Taking Shenzhen as an example: the registered manufacturers have more than 2 thousand, that is not registered or nearly 1000. According to Hung (hanger pack), folded (with bags) on the calculation, there are 1500 with hangers, to say the least is 1000. Each plant is calculated for 100 parking spaces, the less a year production of 200 thousand, the factory for one year is 200 thousand (with the clothes hanger, HANGER GIFT) shows how much the market.

4. refers to the ordinary clothes racks, there are many brand hangers. Take Shenzhen as an example: there are at least 200 brands, each brand has 20 branches, each branch with imagine 400 racks, the market, how much?

5. do you have a market for hangers? With a clothes hanger is in recent years it has become a fashion, and more and more popular, more and more high-grade, the market is more too profound to be understood.

two, investment analysis

is set up shop, directly from the purchase of clothing factory, on the purchase of the machine, purchase of raw materials, or other fixed assets, funds can be greatly reduced. Because accessories are small businesses, loans, mostly cash settlement, there are three, fifty thousand funds to start. If you want to do month knot, it is best to have 15~20 million of funds.

spending, because the retail shop is not the main means, optional in a remote place, about 30~50 square, at a monthly rent of 2000 yuan. The two servants, monthly salary of 1000 yuan each. Rent a dormitory 1500 yuan. There are meals, phone calls and other expenses, such as 3000 yuan, a month down the total expenditure of not more than $10 thousand.

three, benefit summary