Back to the fast 100 thousand yuan entrepreneurial projects which do earn

set up shop, first choose the project is local re-election law, recently, reporters at 100 thousand yuan investment, set up shop method to inquire into the bridge noodle shop and bakery.

research projects at the same time, we also invited the marketing experts on-site reviews to help entrepreneurs understand the market situation. Comprehensive comparison you will find that, in fact, clever use of small funds can still be a moist boss.

10 million project

Gold Xiangyuan wire

has the characteristics of the street food store is often the community residents "cafeteria", too lazy to cook a family of three look for environmental health and good taste of the food store consumption, before the whole network reporter to inquire into the Wuhu road a gold edge vermicelli".

The operating characteristics of

Houchu space and are not


"before we also passed through the market survey and project positioning seriously, think the catering operation bridge is not very complex, can meet the demand of Chinese fast food, in the beginning of the first store opened Ruhe road have confirmed this store for open in a supermarket near the store, near the community." Golden margin bridge vermicelli shop in charge of Xiang Rong introduction.

in the 120 square meters of the store, Yunnan features decorative theme, and kitchen space also need not too big compared with ordinary restaurants, the most critical is the soup boil and ingredients, fry cook less, in addition to homemade soup and noodle, kitchen work not great.

"our Anhui and Yunnan people’s eating habits are also different, so the taste with improved, formed its own unique flavor." She believes that although the ethnic flavor for the signs, but the community catering to the fashion, health, services and other business means it can not be ignored, messy snacks image is not suitable for the needs of customers.

price positioning

"eat chicken soup casserole for processing, plus a fresh rice noodle, dishes ingredients and special sesame oil, pepper oil." Li Jun said that they are mainly oriented to the community of young families and large supermarkets, community businesses surrounding the flow of people, per capita consumption of about 10 yuan.

investment quota