Provide convenient Hainan Decentralization for entrepreneurs

Hainan decentralization of entrepreneurship policy, a paved avenue for venture entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere is very strong, but also bring out another batch of business Master, let us look at their entrepreneurial story!

"Hainan I created a good business environment." Hu painting training center founder Zhang Chunli, has successfully established 7 schools, annual revenue exceeded 4 million yuan.

in Fu Cun Shangen town of Wanning City, home business college student Cai Xianxing is showing his breeding egg.

to simplify the administrative examination and approval, provide convenience for entrepreneurs

2015 years, Hainan province to further relax the corporate domicile (place of business) registration. The office of the provincial government issued the "Hainan Province corporate domicile (place of business)" Interim Procedures for the registration and management, through the implementation of "according to a multi site" and "according to a multi site, in the premise of the effective protection of economic and social order, and effectively reduce the start-up costs; in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship as the focal point, and actively promote entrepreneurship promote employment. Province Industrial and Commercial Bureau implementation after the first photo card, simplify the administrative examination and approval and registration, and published the "Hainan Province Industrial and commercial registration pre-approval matters directory", Hainan province only retain pre-approval 10, is the retention of business registration pre-approval at least provinces.

to create a relaxed environment equal access, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Province issued a special "Eighteen" measures to help the development of Small and micro businesses, support the development of Small and micro businesses. Opening up the domestic and foreign markets, the implementation of a unified national treatment for all market players. The implementation of small and micro enterprises into the simple and easy to write off procedures, promote the transformation and upgrading of small and micro enterprises and other measures. Small and micro enterprises to support the development of measures to be standardized, creating a relaxed and equal access environment. At the same time, the provincial finance office to cancel the approval of small loan companies, small loan companies can directly make the registration application to the business sector, no longer need to submit pre approval issued by the provincial finance office.