Qingdao will support 15 thousand college students in Entrepreneurship in the past 3 years

students are main labor force each year, the city of Qingdao in order to enhance the students’ entrepreneurial ability, will introduce 8 measures to establish exclusive entrepreneurship service platform to support more university students based on customer.

start in 2016 the employment of college students "dream sail" action plan. The implementation of "employment policy guidance", "employment training help", "employment allocation pull", "employment service speed" four special action. Actively carry out employment guidance in Colleges and universities, grassroots activities, to further improve the training contents and methods of college graduates employment, strengthen the construction of training base, to improve the employment ability of college graduates, organize special recruitment and recruitment activities in the field of high quality, promote the realization of college students employment.

perfect new mode of grass-roots services for college graduates. Completion of the 2016 three support program recruitment tasks. Promote the government to buy grassroots public management and social service jobs to attract college students to obtain employment, recruitment of the first grassroots service jobs college graduates service.

enhancement of College Students’ entrepreneurship training effectiveness. Relying on the construction of the new curriculum system of "selecting, training, helping and pushing" by Qingdao University of entrepreneurship, the construction of College Students’ entrepreneurship training service network. To carry out entrepreneurship training on entrepreneurial intention of college students, and based on "participation rate after training 90%, 20% rate of entrepreneurship" principle, enhance the recommendation