The essence of the chain try not to let the cat out of the bag

but on the chain update algorithm is still ongoing, bring a lot of trouble to do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people. A recent update algorithm is love Shanghai Scindapsus typical, is for illegal trading links. However, in fact, not many people can really go to the operation link, a large part of the webmaster or hope that the long-term development of the construction of the chain, seriously. But the strange thing is that some serious hair of the chain is actually honest Shanghai dragon love Shanghai will suffer punishment, how is this going?

? In fact, those who did

is the chain of voting to produce effect, there is a premise that should be natural. The so-called nature has three basic conditions: one is the chain page to browse, the two is the chain to be relevant or complementary, the three is to click on the demand chain. First, if the page is not browse, it would be tantamount to a garbage page, the outer chain belongs to the chain of garbage. Secondly, the chain must be relevant or complementary, otherwise the link has little significance, because it can trigger the user’s click requirements. The third is the most fundamental requirement, the purpose is to let people click on the link, if not click on demand, is superfluous.

is the ideal chain is another initiative to help you do. When your content is very good, but also can add a good website content of others, others will be very happy to make a link to your website, to supplement or enrich our website content. This chain is the highest quality, but few people would be willing to do so. But for foreign Google Shanghai dragon, is generally considered a link with export import links are equally important. This is the love of Shanghai with the Google chain of Shanghai dragon shadow.

station of Shanghai dragon who will be the reason why love Shanghai punishment, usually not love Shanghai fire, but they understand the significance of Shanghai dragon foreign chain is not enough. So, what is the meaning of the chain of

believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon friends all know the importance of the chain, a lot of so-called Shanghai Longfeng textbooks is that the importance of the chain can account for the effect of the 60% Shanghai dragon. Whether this proportion has no scientific basis, no matter how many people recognize it, anyway, the chain must have effect. It is just to contact Shanghai dragon friends believe also know the link voting principle of the famous, one external links to your site cast a vote.

many people may say that the meaning of the chain’s vote, but vote behind the deeper meaning of mining. In fact, this thing itself is a hyperlink to vote Lord Robin Li’s patent, Google is not the first proposed. So, we will find that love Shanghai for the chain of the sensitivity will be higher, the chain of love Shanghai is also relatively easy to love Shanghai’s own statistics, and the chain of Google is more difficult to do. Shanghai ranked sex, will be more emphasis on the role of the chain. So many Shanghai Longfeng domestic even feel the essence of Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain.