Love Shanghai cattle station optimization guide 50 days into the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home

love Shanghai himself launched their own optimization guide, look at the title of the description, highlight the key natural concise, but not the slightest accumulation of keywords, it is like to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, everyone can be free to see the optimization about love under the Shanghai encyclopedia written by Wang Tong, the article is also very good characteristic. Of course, the description is the same. The layout of the page is a bit like Shanghai dragon why, this webmaster friends can be a lot of learning. In addition, keyword density, keywords layout is very reasonable appear naturally, this is we should pay attention to details.

is the first appeal.

keyword optimization in the most competitive, only rely on the established himself in Shanghai Longfeng community, Shanghai dragon training industry leader, Wang Tong Zac, through the optimization of keywords to the home page and set up their own master’s reputation, but also favorable for the exchange is Shanghai dragon training circles in Shanghai dragon love the bright younger generation Shanghai home has its own position, look at these sites. The Shanghai dragon home, all is a great reputation, the difficulty is high, is the road to Shu almost inaccessible ah, why love Shanghai optimization guide in a short period of 50 days in Shanghai love home. We have to carefully analyze:

Of course, as

finally, we can go to the site to look at, do not put a strong chain attached to this reason is the only factor in the website ranking in the home page, 3 questions as proposed by Robin is worth us to think, 1, how to continue to increase the site outside the chain? 2, how to continue to create web content? 3, how to continue to attract visitors attention? We look at the last 3 questions, it will make us thoughtful! Well not much to say, do Shanghai dragon is to uphold and be good at summing up, of course, the accumulation of contacts may be a good shortcut, the weight-loss drug >

second, outside the chain of strong support.

site from the beginning has been Xianshengduoren because he is, sponsored by the Shanghai dragon China Dean Robin, launched in April 30th 2011 China Robin called the Shanghai Longfeng national collaborative activities, we advocate scientific and correct Shanghai dragon means to achieve the keywords ranking, but the ultimate objective is to enter the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home. It has been many activities launched a website support website, the first day of on-line love Shanghai income, but on the first day there have been several blog one-way links 30, correlation and weight is very high. The appeal was like mouchangqing established 28 push, the fierce ah.


Robin in the Shanghai dragon circles contacts and the chain resources are awesome, we domin you know, if you use the YAHOO chain check now several one-way links break 400, I think outside the chain of this site is really awesome.

This is the Shanghai dragon

third, optimize the scientific and correct.